Jet Flight Simulator Company Profile

The company started in 2006 when we decided to build a replica Boeing 737-800NG. We sourced parts from all over the world and assembled a prototype in our workshop. After a year of development, we leased commercial premises on the Gold Coast (Australia), installed the Simulator and opened for business. It was an instant success and we quickly built up a substantial cash-flow business. 

Cockpit Flight Simulator
9 Locations in Australia and on in Hollywood

We now have nine independently owned businesses operating in Australia and one in Hollywood, Los Angeles

The company is based on the Gold Coast in Australia. Most employees are are pilots or retired from flying. The team have a passion for detail and providing a real life flying experience. Manufacturing, assembly and testing is completed in our Gold Coast facility. We then take the Simulator apart and ship it to our client’s premises for re-assembly and commissioning. We also have a support office in Los Angeles.